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Hey, I am Oliver,

A brand growth and product focussed design consultant who has lived in Copenhagen, Tokyo & Switzerland, but is now based in London.

I blend a unique combination of 15 years experience as an industrial designer (two awards in 2016) & brand growth coach with expertise and deep understanding of consumer trends, brand & market positioning, design identity, product development and emerging strategies to market. 

This intersection between product & marketing gives me a rounded understanding for what it takes to help growing lifestyle brands cost effectively get noticed, attract investment, ​foster ​meaningful culture, ​trust and engagement.

From my experience with brand, advertising and innovation agencies including Saatchi & Saachi, GREY, Landor & Fitch and Bow&Arrow, I have helped build brands strategies and identities across tech, retail, advertising, television, hospitality, health foods, outdoor clothing, bitcoin, children's media and fashion.

I have first-hand experience in adapting international brand models to changing economic circumstances and anticipating broad consumer trends for the lifestyle design sector.

I am now the founding member of Studio SLOWE — a different kind of design collective that brings together independent creative thinkers, brands and designers to imagine and scheme a slower pace of society we wish to live in.

Let's work together?

SLOWE Living is a community of dynamic designers & thinkers that come together to design a world we wish to live in. Our partners and collaborators are leading the conversation on design and wellbeing—and are creating beautiful spaces, products and experiences for others.


Our clients are some of the leaders in their space including lifestyle, furniture, wellbeing, fashion interiors, travel & hospitality— across the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. We have helped them build memorable brands that bring measured return on both mental and financial investment.

Get in touch

If you are motivated to contribute to a considered, more equitable and joyful future that prioritises leisure and wellbeing, we openly encourage collaboration and partnership.

+44 (0)7747 722 405

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