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How the current global situation impacts our prices as an independent manufacturer

Due to unprecedented disruptions in the sheet timber (plywood) supply chain, we find it necessary to periodically adjust our pricing. While this is not our preferred course of action, we feel it is important to provide context for these changes.

As we gradually emerged from Covid restrictions, we encountered the harsh realities of increasing inflation and persistent challenges within global supply chains, extending beyond the materials we use. Despite our regional production in the UK, SLOWE Living has felt the ripple effects of disruptions in European wood and other essential materials used in our furniture manufacturing.

Over the past few years, the prices of natural materials have steadily climbed.

The recent tragic events in Ukraine have exacerbated the situation further. While the impact pales in comparison to the horrors of war, the resulting turbulence means supply chains even more unpredictable. Escalating energy costs and transportation challenges have compounded the volatility of raw material prices, resulting in increased production expenses and a lack of visibility regarding future costs.

Although our direct approach, bypassing middle men, enables us to deliver high-quality design-led furniture at prices below the market average, rising production costs and uncertainty compel us to periodically review our pricing strategy.

Our decision to produce in small batches reflects our commitment to maintaining a manageable level of production that aligns with our capacity and comfort levels, both for ourselves and our partners. This approach enables us to optimise resource allocation, enhancing production efficiency and allowing us to offer competitive pricing reflective of current production realities. Naturally, this also ensures the sustainability and viability of our business.

We hope that these challenging and uncertain times will soon come to an end, bringing stability to the situation. We want to reassure our customers that once an order is placed, the agreed-upon price is locked in and secured.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and continued support as a small business.

Thank you


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