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David vs Goliath: Challenging big & fast high street overproduction with smaller batches, handmade in Cornwall

Our decision to relocate our sofa bed production to Cornwall wasn't just about finding a picturesque backdrop for our factory. Sure, the allure of being close to a surf break and taking morning sea dips played a part, but it was more about embracing a lifestyle that actually resonated with our ethos.

In our founder story interview, we talk about why championing a more mindful pace of business and sustainable production, was important to us when we started the company. Cornwall has developed a connection to us over the years, in how it represents one small corner of the UK that takes things a little more "dreckly" (Cornish slang for slow time). Somewhere to swim after a long day in the workshop or offering a consistent escape into the stillness of nature between the constant demands of city living.

For us, the environment in which our products are produced is integral to their essence and appeal to our customers. We want to build relationships with our customers and understand that a sofa is a big investment in someones home.

Furniture needs to have a sense of personality and affection beyond - just producing another product into the world. Whenever a sofa is ordered - we make it from scratch with James at the workshop in Cornwall and the cushions with Emma in Windsor. In essence, the customer is responsible for bringing the product into the world. We like to share that responsibility and process with our customers throughout the products lifecycle. Buy once and buy well.

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. Albeit, we're far from perfect.

From adopting a circular design approach to manufacturing that allows for easy disassembly at end-of-life, to using responsible and traceable European FSC certified hardwood ply, we're committed to reducing our environmental footprint in any way we can.

We've implemented a straightforward recycling and repair processes for our customers, ensuring that even after years of use, our sofas can be given a new lease on life. Any waste material we encounter throughout the production is either reused in our new products or donated to designer-makers for a second chance to shine.


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