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Conscious production

A spiritual approach to manufacturing

  • How can I order a bed?
    Each of our beds are made to order and we have a range of select fabrics to choose from. We do not carry stock, therefore we manufacture only what is ordered and answer to the demand of our customers - not trends You can order directly off our website or over the phone or email. The sofas are released in regular small batches throughout the year. If you know you’d like to order one, we’d recommend being signed up to our mailing list, as demand can be higher than the supply we can produce. Once signed up, you will be notified once a pre-order link becomes available. We’d also recommend adding SLOWE Living to your contact in your email to avoid us going into your spam. Your sofa will be ready to dispatch in 8-10 weeks from the date of purchase, and we will keep you updated throughout the process.
  • What is your approach to sustainability?
    Read more over at our dedicated sustainability page
  • How long will it take to receive my bed?
    The lead time for custom made wood furniture is currently 8-10 weeks. As we make all beds to order this can depend on lead times for material and workshop availability.
  • Can I guarantee myself a sofa-bed?
    Yes, If you wish to secure your bed before anyone else, you’ll be able to place a £500 'material deposit', helping us to commit to ordering materials in advance. Production will continue on our next scheduled batch. We will always notify our mailing list first before any batch becomes available for pre order. Please contact us should you wish to jump the queue.
  • How big is the sofa/day-bed?
    Large Sofa Bed sizes: Closed (Sofa): W 1,963mm x H738mm D 966mm Open (Bed): W 1,963mm x H738mm D1353mm Dimensions are approximate to the nearest 10mm Our sofa has been designed from the footprint of a standard UK single mattress. In other words, it is a single bed that pulls out to become a UK double bed. Place it in a freestanding context in your living room (or against a wall), or even as an office breakout day bed, study day bed to get away from the desk now and then.
  • Can I choose my own fabric and wood finish combination?
    Yes, we have a wide selection of fabrics and wood finishes to choose from. We have a tailored selection of quality, hard wearing fabrics and finishes in timeless configurations. All fabrics are fully fire retardant to UK standard.
  • Is it easy to assemble at home?
    All instruction manuals and necessary tools for assembly are supplied on our website, or with your bed upon delivery. Delivered flat pack. Fits throughout all doors, stairwells and passage ways. May not fit through loft hatches. You do not need any home tools for assembly besides a M6 and M8 allen key. Refrain from using a drill. If so it must be used on a very slow setting to prevent breakage. We do not take responsibility.
  • The wood looks hard, is it comfortable?
    Of course! We couldn't just design something beautiful but not meet the needs of our customers. The high back walls of the sofa give a cocooning sense of comfort and intimacy that isn't like other sofa beds.  We have tested multiple foam densities to ensure that the sofa is comfortable for relaxing on, but also provides support and strength as use as a double bed. Much like a headboard the high side walls of our design are not only rooted in mid century aesthetic and inspired from Japanese bed designs, but fitted with deep cushions there is always a position that feels comfortable. Whether that's pulled out as a bed for a good night's sleep on a sofa bed, or resting reading a book side by side. The bed is spacious enough than nearly all sofa beds.
  • How do I care for and maintain the wood?
    Our plywood furniture is designed, made and finished with the highest level of care and attention to last for many years, with the correct care our furniture will develop a beautiful patina and remain of the highest quality. As wood is a natural living material colour variations and knots may appear in finished furniture. Our plywood pieces should not be placed too close to heat sources, such as radiators or fires or in direct sunlight for extended periods. Some warping of material may occur. Both direct heat and sunlight contribute to low relative humidity which may cause cracks and should therefore be avoided. As daylight matures the wood, please keep in mind that permanently placed items on solid wood can cause undesirable colour differences which will subsequently be difficult to remove. For daily cleaning use a clean, dry cloth. We do not recommend using wet cloths on oil treated surfaces. If spots or marks cannot be removed with a dry cloth, use a clean cloth soaked in clean water and wrung well. Firmly wipe the surface in the direction of the grain. Never use chemicals, scouring pads, steel wool, or the like, as this will damage the surface. Oil treated surfaces should be maintained with a thin layer of new oil if necessary. If the wooden surface looks dry, faded or is spotted, an oil product should be applied. For specific re-oiling instructions for your piece of furniture please contact us directly. Use a micro-fibre cloth when dusting the bed. Do not use any solvents on wood, metal, or aluminium furniture. Only distilled water is recommended. Surfaces will change over time, wood will darken and materials, such as copper, will tarnish. For further assistance with cleaning or repair, please contact us.
  • How do we look after the fabric?
    In the vast majority of cases regular maintenance can be done simply by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment, and giving your upholstery a wipe down using a sponge and a mild natural detergent solution. Where necessary, many of our fabrics can be machine washed on a low intensive 30 degrees. Custom fabric orders may vary. We do not take responsibility for any reshaping or shrinkage. If you are washing covers you should air/drip dry after washing (do not tumble dry or place over a direct heat source such as a radiator) and re-fit covers whilst still mildly damp - this will ensure a good fit and covers have a little more give if damp. Please take care when zipping. If you're unsure how to refit your cushions. Please contact us. WINE STAINS - Mop up excess liquid as soon as possible by dabbing with kitchen towel. For red wine, a good solution is to liberally sprinkle table salt on the affected area and to then pour white wine on top - this helps to neutralise the effect. For white wine, dab the affected area with methylated spirit, then rinse the area with a weak vinegar solution. All fabrics we supply are fire retardant and highly durable.
  • Are side cushions included?
    Yes as standard. However, we provide an option to remove them in our shop, should you wish to fill the sofa with your own cushions. The base and back cushions are always included and these become the double bed mattress when pulled out flat.
  • Can I collect from you?​
    Yes! We would love to meet you. Please get in touch after you have placed your order and we will arrange a time for you to collect.
  • Is there support for the bed?
    We provide two 'slot in feet' that provide additional support for when the bed when it is pulled out.

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